2D Animation

Vol. 1

Right, so first post for year two. Got a bit to catch up on so here goes.

Firstly, I've started this web site and am doing my blog on here now as opposed to on Tumblr where I blogged from last year. 

The theme for my 2D project this year is 'This really happened'. This is a really open theme and leaves lots of room to play around with and I've had a couple of pretty good ideas, which is nice because last year I really struggled to get the ideas flowing. The first idea is based on a story I read about a robot that escaped the lab it was in and caused a traffic jam in the streets of Perm in Russia. The full story can be found here- http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/blogs-news-from-elsewhere-36547139. I thought that it would be an interesting idea to build upon. This is the story treatment for that idea -

I've also compiled a style board for this - 

I was all set to run with this idea but I have been having trouble figuring out exactly what the middle section of the story will be. Then I was listening to another animator talking about how he got into the industry. His story was of him waking up early as a kid on Saturday mornings, grabbing a bowl of cereal and watching early morning cartoons while everyone else was still asleep. I thought about this story and realised that I heard something similar a couple times before and thought it would be cool to use this as the basis of an animation. Here is the treatment - 

I now need to decide which idea I will move forward with.