Upon researching for my 3D project i came across a couple of great TV adds from a company called Ember Lab. The first ad is for Hisense ULED TVs and features a boy playing with a little robot. The boy is a great character reference for my little girl character as he is very playful and precious. 

And the second is an ad for Coke and it features a boy and girl running about having fun. The look of the girl is similar to what i'm going for for my animation.

I've also been looking at quite a lot of character design tutorials from the likes of Aaron Blaise on Youtube. He is a veteran of the animation industry having spent twenty six years or so at Disney. 

I've also been looking at modelling tutorials of Digital Tutors. I'm so far working my way through the 'Modelling a Character for Rigging and Animation in Maya'. Finally I've been looking at a series of tutorials on Youtube by David Vercher about character modelling. Mr Vercher and Digital Tutors' Justin Marshall have very different workflows when it comes to modelling and it's very interesting to see these in practice. 

Screenshot of Digital Tutors modelling tutorial

Screenshot of Digital Tutors modelling tutorial