At the beginning of this project I was looking at a more medieval/fantastical approach, similar to Game of Thrones. This was before I had a story in mind and I was trying to think of a fighting scenario. I put together a little moodboard for this - 

I then starting to think about going in a completely different direction. I thought to myself that everyone else would look at the theme, 'Castle Life' and instantly think medieval like I did. So then I started to think about what was happening in Asia in the 16th century. I found that Japan was a country that had many castles and that this would be an interesting angle on the theme. Plus I've always been really interested in Japanese culture. I then started to develop an idea about a little girl and her pet/best friend, a pig. This then developed into the story I have now. I've since made another moodboard with Asian influences and some character inspiration.