Firstly, I've gone in a different direction with the character design. I decided to move away from the Disney kinda style and more towards something simpler. I prefer this as i'm not the best drawer, so the simpler the better and it still shows clear expression and emotion. I still have to finalise the design for the dog and rat characters with expression sheets as well as model sheets for all three characters. I will post them as soon as they're finished.

I've also finished storyboarding and have completed an animatic to get a better sense of timing and action. I also added a new scene as I didn't feel  there was enough action between the Dog and Rat and it was also a good comedic beat to the story. I showed my animatic to the class to receive feedback and am happy that it went well. The feedback was positive overall, with just a few things to be improved, which I completely agreed with. Those were that some actions needed to be clearer, like when the dog falls through the tv screen for example. The other was that towards the end the pacing becomes too quick, so I will look at slowing that down a little bit.

I created the animatic using three programs. Firstly, I storyboarded using Photoshop, then brought it into After Effects to create the movement. This middle process proved to take the most time as I had to mask things out and there was a lot of back and forth between After Effects and Photoshop. Once I finished putting this together I transferred into over to Premiere to add the sound, using some audio I found from freesounds.org and then used an audio track from Tom & Jerry as temp music (which ended up being perfect).