Production is finally underway on my 2d animation, which I have decided to rename, 'Early Mornin Brawlin'. I landed on this name after doing a quick bit of research into names of old Tom & Jerry cartoons. They all seemed to have vaguely descriptive names like 'Triplet Trouble' and 'Barbecue Brawl' so I think my title is in keeping with these, as that is where my inspiration has come from.

I've been watching some volumes of Richard Williams Animator's Survival Kit videos and they have really helped me to refocus and get motivated. As I said in my last post, I've begun 'pose to pose' animation instead of 'straight ahead' and I feel that it has improved my animation a lot already. I've also been using a timing chart to help breakdown the action and help me to know where the animation is going. This is still a bit rough, I quite like the slide but the rest is still choppy. I'm going to do some more work and this little portion to make the action smoother.