I've been progressing well over the last couple of weeks, improving on the first shot and also well into shot two. This project is definitely a step up from last year as I'm pushing myself to animate in a completely different way from that first project but in doing this I've found that I'm enjoying it a lot more. I wasn't happy with my project or my progress last year but this year I feel I have improved a lot. 

So here you'll see the improved version of my first shot in which I've made the poses are a lot clearer and the movement a lot smoother. I've also roughly animated the next stage of the shot where the dog run toward camera, incorporating arcs to make it look springy. I've had a really good suggestion from a classmate, from the recent screening of work, to add an anticipation movement when the rat extends his leg out and I've also noticed that I could create some overlapping action in the rat's ears when he slides. And finally, with the update in Animate, I've been able to add some camera movement using the vcam which I think works really nicely. 

This shot is shaping up well, I've got the key poses in and have started breaking it down. In the storyboard this was originally broken into three boring shots, one of the boy asleep, then one of the alarm clock and then one of the boy waking up but I was watching a favourite Gobelins short of mine called 'One Day' and it gave me this great shot idea, which is a lot more appealing.