I've been working on a head turn for the end of my film where the boy will come back to the living room and find it trashed. He was originally just going to be going from very happy to shocked but I decided to have that change happen within a head turn. So the first set of images is the initial keys and then the one below that is with the updated head turn keys.

I'm still trying to get the second key of the head turn right. I'm finding it hard to keep the proportions right but talking to Katie today, I think we have figured out where I was going wrong. I've brought down the eyebrows and eyes to the right position but haven't done so with the nose and mouth, also the cheek and hair needs to slightly come round the other side. I've drawn a guide to help me work on it later.

Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 2.58.05 PM.png

I've also been working on a shot where the boy comes running down the stairs toward the beginning of the film. It's only at the keying stage so far and I'm not sure just yet if I will scrap some of it and go in a slightly different direction because my approach has changed a bit since I started this shot due to the tutorials I have spoken about below.

I've been watching some tutorials from an animator called Toniko Pantoja at his Youtube page and they have really helped me think about animating in a different way and have made me feel better about the whole process. I was having some issues with timing charts and inbetweening but his videos have helped clear those issues up and has taken my animation up a level. 

This is Toniko Pantoja's timing chart tutorial that has helped me a lot.