Been doing a ton of research today for 'Early Mornin Brawlin'. I started by doing some research into quadruped run cycles for the dog character that will be running toward camera in the scene from my previous post and came across this run cycle pose sheet that is going to be really helpful. I will carry out a test to see how the quadruped run works and will then decide if I will go with it or do the run on two feet.

I then looked at some 'Scooby Doo' clips to see how Scooby moves. There is a lot of squash & stretch, overlapping action and arcing going on in this run cycle that I will keep in mind for my animation.

I also looked at '101 Dalmatians' which has a lot of great movement to study of dogs moving in different ways. The clip below shows many variations of dog walk cycles to analyse, all of which are a lot more realistic than the Scooby Doo run. I will ultimately be doing more unrealistic movement in my short but the '101 Dalmatians' animation has still be useful to look at for the fundementals of a run cycle.