Last week I was having a bit of a mental blank when I came to doing some 2d work. I was really struggling to get motivated so I took an hour or two to do some research, looking at a bunch of behind the scenes videos from various Cartoon Network shows like 'The Amazing World of Gumball' and 'Steven Universe'. I also looked at some Disney pencil tests and an BTS video of 'Ethel & Ernest', all of which were very informative and motivational. It was great to hear and see how these animation projects get made and why.

This is great to see the process from storyboarding through to compositing on a professional project. I had never heard of 'We Bare Bears' before doing this research and to begin with I really like the art style, it's simple and clean but after digging deeper I realised that the show is all about these bears just trying to find their place in the world and make friends, which is an Important message for kids.

I find this process fascinating. The amount of work that goes into creating the world is amazing. I also love that they mix different styles of animation, with real world backgrounds, to create a unique final image.

This BTS video is great because it shows how individual animators work and I also like being able to see the entire screen that they're working on (i.e. timeline, layers) and not just the animation itself. 

Interesting interview with the creator of 'The Amazing World of Gumball' talking about how a childhood experience inspired an episode of the show.

I love videos like this that have creators talking about their work and why they created it. It gets me thinking creatively and gets me motivated. To be able to see so many processes like pitching & character/world design in a high level professional environment is great.

And finally I watched another tutorial from Toniko Pantoja on timing charts and spacing. This one was an hour long demo in which he showed how he animates. It's really interesting to see his process and to get some tips off of him. I did notice though that during this animation his character never blinks, which I'm guessing he just forgot about, but it gives off this unnatural feeling even though the rest of the animation is amazing.