Clothes Modelling

Now that the girl is rigged and the hair modelled I need to create the clothes. I first carried out some research into what sort of clothing people wore in eighteenth century Japan and what I found out was that they wore these vast robes that had several layers to them.

I had a few goes at modelling the clothes using my own idea of how to do it but it never looked right. I then looked at some tutorials on clothes modelling to get an idea what other ways go about it. These videos gave me a good understanding of the process for modelling clothing.

Below is the final look of the clothing, you'll notice that i've also made some basic shoes to go with it, it looks ok but could have been better. I attached it to the girl rig using a wrap deformer which has caused a few problems, mainly, when I move the rig the girl mesh breaks through the clothing. This is a problem I haven't been able to fix as of yet but am going to keep working on it. In the future when I work on something similar I will model everything and rig them already attached instead of rigging and then attaching the girl to the clothing. 

I then did a little texturing test, just to see how it looks. I used only solid colour textures from inside Maya so that I don't have to do any UV mapping and also it would cut down eventual render time. I think it looks fine for what I want with the time I have.