One of the projects we've been given this year consists of us finding a client that we can work with to create an animated piece of content that they can then use as a part of their platform. After researching a few options I decided that my first choice would be a podcast that I listen to called 'We Have Concerns' ( Created by Anthony Carboni & Jeff Cannata, it is a short format show the two of them discuss current news, science, philosophy and anthropology stories, adding humorous improve comedy characters and scenarios. They have a very active listener community that regularly sends in and discusses stories for the show to cover at the 'We Have Concerns' Reddit ( and Facebook pages ( 

After the opening exchange, which was really positive and honestly quite unexpected because I wasn't sure if they would get back to me at all, I posited two options for the project. The first was to take a portion of the audio from one of the episodes and just animated to that piece of audio and the second was to create a series of short motion graphics based upon their most recognisable episodes, of which they already sell merchandise. I then began writing the proposal outlining everything, such as the objective, creative and production rational, schedule and budgets, which I then sent to the client. They seemed quite pleased with the proposal and informed me that they would like to move forward with the idea of animating a piece of an episode. I've now set about finding that piece by re-listening to a selection of my favourite episodes to get some ideas flowing.