Final Project Evaluation

Tomorrow marks the end of this project and overall I am very pleased with how it went. The final animation came out better than expected and developed a lot from the original storyboard to the final product. My storyboarding skills aren't great and, as was the case with my 2d project, better ideas started to come to me once I started animating. During the animation stage I managed to have a Skype meeting with the clients which was very helpful as I was able to talk to them about the different direction I decided to go in with the animation and they were really into it. They gave me a few really good suggestions like putting a shine effect on the sword and to have 'Salmon Canon', which is another episode of the podcast, be on the newspaper at the end. They also suggested creating a title card to set the animation up like they do in shows like 'Adventure Time' and to have a short end credits both of which were really fun to create in Photoshop. 

As with any project there were pros and cons. For instance, one of the cons was that, as the clients live in America, I was only able to have one Skype meeting with them and it was difficult at times to get a response from them via email due to this and the fact that they are both busy people that do this podcast as a side project. This meant that I had to try my best to steer the project into the right directions on my own. This wasn't always a bad thing, it meant that I had a lot of creative freedom to do what I wanted and to try different things out but I would have really liked a little bit more input from the clients and at times it felt like there wasn't enough professional engagement for this project. There was then a problem when I sent them the finished animation at the end as it seemed like they weren't receiving my emails and as a result I didn't get a reply.

So I decided to tweet it to them in the hope that they would see it there and it worked, Jeff gave a positive reaction and seemed to like it.