Final Film Evaluation

Overall I am delighted with how my final movie has turned out. It is a massive step up in quality from my year one animation and I feel like I have learned a lot throughout this year. The final movie is slightly different from what I set out in my animatic, mainly because I decided to cut a portion out of the final third because it was quite messy and would have left me with too much to do before the deadline but I think it actually works better as a simpler story. This change also improved the pacing when compared to the animatic, which had a lot of action happening very quickly thus making it harder to follow, allowing the viewer get a better understanding of what is happening.

Also quite a lot of the shot compositions changed as I looked at more animation and got more ideas of how to stage a shot, this culminated in a much more visually appealing film. I would have liked to have been able to colour the whole film for hand in but ran out of time and I'd have liked to have better sound design to go along with the film. 

The main thing I would like to have improved and want to work on with future projects is to create fully fleshed out characters with emotional arcs and to create a story that is more personal and has more meaning. This project was a really fun one and the aim was to make my own 'Tom & Jerry' style short, which to a degree, I think I succeeded but looking back I'd like to have given the boy more character and something that the audience can connect with. 

I had many inspirations and influences throughout this project that helped me to achieve the final movie. Tom & Jerry is the most obvious one but I also took inspiration from other cartoons of the 1940/50's such as Looney Tunes shorts, specifically Wile E. Coyote & The Roadrunner, for the look and feel of the rat & dog characters as well as the action. For the boy character I tried to make him slightly different stylistically, to show that he was in the 'real' world where as the rat & dog characters were cartoons in that world. To do this I looked at current animation to influence the look of the character and world but also for shot choices. The boy character is inspired by the work of stop motion animation masters, Laika, who create really beautiful looking characters and worlds. I also looked at a lot of short films from the students at Gobelins school of animation in France, particularly the film 'One Day' by Bung Nguyen, Thomas Reteuna, Laurent Rossi and Bernard Som, which gave me better ideas of how to compose shots to tell a more visually appealing story.

There are also a few people that I have been taking a lot of inspiration from this year and they are Aaron Blaise (www.youtube.com/channel/UC0lLeNdvLrFozQRsQ1TQiAw) & Toniko Pantoja (www.youtube.com/channel/UCRTRqkhrehrY9hJJcLVUeRQ) who both have great Youtube channels where they share their animation knowledge. Both of these men have really helped me to improve my animating and given me a clearer understanding of the processes of animating such as how to use timing charts, which I was really struggling to get the grips with, and how to break a scene down into keys, breakdowns and in-betweens. They have also helped me to understand and think more about the principles of animation when animating, which I will continue to work on over the summer and beyond. 

And finally there were another couple of shows that didn't necessarily influence the movie per say but more the way I now think about animation and those shows are 'Cowboy Bebop' & 'Avatar: The Last Airbender'. Since I started this course I've been obsessed with trying to get the look of my animation right and although both of these shows do look great it's not what makes them stand out, it's the stories that they tell and the characters that drive those stories that are the best thing about them. So for future projects I'm committed to focussing more on creating characters and a story that I really care about and that people can connect with.